Scarfing advisor system
Blow torch scarfing is a fine matter. Incoming slabs may have surface defects, which, if left untouched, would propagate further alongside the production chain ruining the final product quality. A scarfer machine burns away a thin layer of metal eliminating such defects. Its operator needs to balance risks when choosing the scarfing speed: the better the cleansing, the more metal will be burned with it, and vice versa. Lack of experience and/or attention from the operator may result in unnecessary metal burning, increased rate of flaws, or both.
To counter the human factor, we have developed BilletVision — the scarfing advisor system. It was trained on thousands of scarfing operations and delivers the accuracy of 93%. BilletVision currently saves up to 10.1 metric tons of steel daily for one plant. What's even better, we didn't have to sacrifice the quality of slabs to decrease the losses of metal.
Imagine, everything remains the same. Same staff, same steel, same equipment. You just get 3700 additional tons of steel every year and save on carbon emissions. Book a demo now, and we'll discuss this possibility alongside many others.

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