AI-based solutions for steel industry
Save on energy consumption and reduce your carbon emissions with computer vision
We provide CV-based solutions for the whole supply chain of steel production
From ore mining to final produce delivery
Final produce counting
Accelerate your delivery and minimize the amount of incorrect dispatches at the same time with AiTally.
Decrease your cutting losses 15-fold with AiShear flying shear advisor system.
Hot rolling
Reduce rolling flaws by 82% with BilletVision advisor system for hot rolling.
Save up to 10 tons of steel daily with BilletVision for scarfing machine.
Save up to 200 thousands tons of coke annually with FractionVision for sintering. Cut your carbon emissions and increase your ESG rating as a bonus.
Optimize blasting and crushing, deccelerate eqipment wear and tear, increase the accuracy of bulk cargo measurement with FractionVision for mining.
About us
Who we are?
We are a team of data scientists and developers with a need for steel. Our mission is to make steel production more sustainable both in economical and environmental terms.
Why us?
We have solutions for every step of steel production: from ore mining to ready product dispatch. We understand how metal plants work and what matters the most.
What do we deliver?
We decrease the amount of product wasted and scrapped, saving resources and energy while cutting the emissions.
Contact us
Warden AI Lab SIA, Gustava Zemgala gatve 78-1, Riga, Latvia
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