Rolling mill advisor system
A hot rolling mill transforms a bloom into a beam, shaping it according to the form of the rolls. But what if the rolls are misaligned or damaged? They would shape the beam inappropriately, and, what's even worse, it will be noticed only after the whole batch would be rolled, cooled and then immediately scrapped, wasting enormous amounts of energy and emitting tons and tons of carbon dioxide without any useful outcome. At least, that's how it is done now, but it shouldn't be like this. Properly tuned cameras and trained ANNs can notice rolling flaws as fast as they occur.
The BilletVision system does exactly that. It reduces the number of faulty beams by up to 82,6% saving 40 thousands metric tons of produce and 10 millions of kWh annually, making hot rolling more efficient, predictable and eco-friendly. Book a demo now and find out what will be the economic effect for your hot rolling production.

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