Flaw detection
Automatic detection of production defects with computer vision for immediate response and loss minimization

Human vision is ill-suited for continuous monotonous observation over uniform objects. Everywhere, where a risk of critical defect missing occurs, there is a pair of tired eyes.

Machine vision never gets bored, drowsy or distracted, neither it gets tired from shining of white hot metal. Our solutions locate and assess production flaws in a fraction of a second allowing real-time tuning of the machinery and saving thousands of tons of metal a year.

Scarfing machine
An operator of a scarfing machine needs to balance outgoing quality and metal losses when choosing the scarfing speed: More intense scarfing mode has a higher probability of removing all the defects and a higher amount of metal lost; less intense scarfing mode has a higher probability of omitting some defects and a higher amount of metal saved. Our product was trained on thousands of ingots so it chooses the optimal ratio, saving up to 10 tons of metal a day without a decrease in outgoing quality.
Hot rolling mill
Incorrect position of rolls leads to defects that are usually noticed only after the whole batch is rolled and cooled. After that, itis bound to remelting, wasting enormous amount of electricity and fuel. Our product finds the flaws as soon as they occur, allowing quick adjustment of the rolls and decreasing the amount of scrap by 83%.
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