Automatic estimation of ore fragmentation on a conveyor belt

Human vision is ill-suited for continuous monotonous observation over uniform objects, while such task is an essential part of a great lot of business processes. Be it rocks on a conveyor belt or a turbojet engine fan blade — everywhere, where a risk of critical defect missing occurs, there is a pair of tired eyes.

Management of either incoming or outgoing quality control is a trade-off between quality and pace. Overmanning is a way of increasing tempo without sacrificing quality, but it comes with challenges in arrangement. We propose an another approach to an individual deloading, providing faster vision inspection without quality loss.

Automatic detection of leaking barrels during reception

The scheme shows profit added with an integration of machine vision based solution in textile flaw inspection:

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Cost: to be estimated after a pilot. We need to teach and fine-tune our neuronets for your business processes and related objects in order to get top recognition quality; it requires our specialists to visit your production facility, mount some cameras and obtain the dataset. Pilot study cost: from US$ 5,999.

If you want to know more, just contact us with your challenge, we will find a machine vision based solution, show our experience in related projects and share the integration plan.