Each 25 seconds, a lethal road accident occurs [1]. At least 25% of them are caused by fatigue, drowsiness or distraction of the driver [2].

Only those reasons alone cause about 60 bn. US dollars of monetary losses a year in the US[3], which is comparable to the total GDP of Rhode Island. This sum includes both direct consequences, such as vehicle and cargo damage, and indirect ones: delivery delay, forfeit, administrative expenses, reputation damage. The fatigue problem is especially relevant for professional drivers, who operate long-haul trucks, delivery vehicles, taxis, public transportation vehicles and so on.

Drivers are not the only ones, whose fatigue brings safety risks. A mistake of a heavy machinery operator, a craneman, a flight planner, or a X-ray security system operator may bring dire consequences as well. A sleep of a night support operator may not cause an injury, but it still may lead to financial damage to his or her employer.

An episode of microsleep detected with ActiTrack system

ActiTrack by Warden Machinery finds a critical distraction and return the attention to the working zone. Each event of distraction, drowsiness or unjustified absence is logged for later statistical processing and report preparation.

Cost: from $2,999 for one camera annually (stationary version). Contact us to get your individual calculation.