What is a human factor? How can it be measured?

Human factor contributes to up to 93% of occupational traumas[1], which cause more than 200 US$ bn of damage annually [2].

Human factor is up to 30% of labor hours spent to things other than work or 75 days of unintentionally paid vacation.

Human factor is a dark zone, where even the best practices of occupational safety and effectiveness are neglected, and, therefore, useless.

The best known way to control the human factor is overseeing, but even the best possible foreman is not omnipresent. Besides, quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

A good foreman is alway able to approximate the answers to the next three questions:

  1. How many workers are present today?
  2. Where they are?
  3. What do they do at the moment?

A foreman with the Brigadier by Warden Machinery by his or her side know the answers exactly both at the moment or for any given period.

Demonstration: technology of a worker recognition in the working zone. Counters: Status (Work/Dead time), Overall work time (seconds), number of workers present.

Machine vision allows detect presence and exact location of workers in the workshop, thair trajectories, actual time of working, compliance to uniform dress and/or personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations.

Cost: from US$ 4,999 for one camera annually, hardware excluded. Describe your needs in an e-mail, and we calculate the price quote.