Flying shear advisor system
A flying shear is an amazing piece of equipment. It cuts a red hot rod that moves forwards with a velocity of 3 meters per second with a force of 63 tonnes. Unfortunately, sometimes it makes costly mistakes.
A steel profile that goes out of the rolling mill is hundreds of meters in length. Imagine that we need 10 meter pieces as a final product. First, we need to cut it into manageable length that should be a multiple of ten — a hundred meters, for instance. But what if the shear makes a mistake and the rod is 101 meters? The remaining meter is sent back to the beginning of the production chain. It would be re-melted, recast, re-rolled and recut — this time, hopefully, into the correct length.
There is another way for those who don't build their business on hope alone: the rod can be measured and cut accurately with minimal cut loss. This is a sophisticated task, which requires taking lots of factors into account, such as the velocity of the rod, thermal expansion, the rod profile and so on. We solved it and successfully reduced the loss of metal on cutting 15-fold with resource-efficient algorithms that require only a regular video source (for instance, from a CCTV camera) to operate.
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