A deep-learning software solution that uses video analysis to boost efficiency and sustainability in metal production and mining
No need for integration with any on-site hardware or software
Installs in 1 day
Visible savings in time, money, and resources after just 1 month of use
Any production stage
Benefits any stage of metal production from sintering to cutting
Fully customisable
We can integrate with your SCADA or another tool, or do a custom R&D
CV-based solutions for the whole supply chain of steel production
From ore mining to final produce delivery
Accelerate your delivery and minimise incorrect dispatches by replacing manual counting of final produce with computer-vision algorithms.
Final produce counting
decrease in cutting losses at one of our clients
Reduce the loss of metal on cutting with resource-efficient algorithms that accurately measure rods and only require a camera to run.
Hot rolling
Immediately adjust the rolling mill, save energy and reduce re-melting with our automatic detection of defects on a hot rail.
potential reduced re-melting
yearly ROI increase at one of our clients
Our algorithm for surface defect classification and estimation helps you optimise scarfing speed, greatly reducing gas usage, metal loss, and repeated operations.
10.1 tons
of steel saved daily per plant
reduced repeated scarfing
Save coke, cut your carbon emissions, and increase your ESG rating as a bonus thanks to our precise algorythm measuring return fines in real time.
200 000 tons
of coke saved annually per plant
saved per machine per year
Optimise blasting and crushing, decelerate equipment wear and tear, increase the accuracy of bulk cargo measurement with our conveyor belt video recognition system.
We offer a wide and constantly growing portfolio of products for different stages of steel production.
What exactly do you provide?
I need only one of your products. Should I purchase all the system as a whole?
No. Each solution is a separate entity. You may purchase only the ones you need.
We have a SCADA. Can we integrate your solution into it?
Yes, if your SCADA supports REST API.
We need something that is missing from your list of solutions. Do you provide custom development?
All our solutions are customisable. Custom R&D is negotiable.
We provide a system solution for steel industry and would like to integrate your product in it, is it possible?
It is possible. Please direct your inquiry to info@warden.pro.
Let’s discuss your needs
Contact us here or drop us a line at info@warden.pro