Machine vision

  • It's reliable

    The system never gets tired and never has a smoke break, steadily noticing and classifying all the events that matter. Flexible notification system is able to prevent an accident and locate the weak spots of your business processes.

  • It's secure

    We can locate the computing server on your premises, so your data will always stay with you. We appreciate your trust and treat your secrets like our own.

  • It's flexible

    Each solution is tailored for the needs of the clients. Our systems work in Siberian energy producing plants and haul trucks in Sub-Saharan Africa. We can use your CCTV system or assisting in building one.

  • It's rewarding

    Несчастный случай выгоднее предотвратить, чем расследовать. Дефект выгоднее найти на конвейере, чем оплачивать гарантийные обязательства. Автоматизация выгоднее наращивания штата.

About us

About us

Warden Machinery is a Russian company for development and integration of machine vision based industrial solutions. We support professionals, who need to maintain their visual attention focused for a long time, such as dispatchers, fleet managers, security staff, including x-ray luggage security officers and many others. Instead of replacing a human in charge, we try to support his or her decision making, preventing a possible mistake. Our solutions were noticed both in national and global contests.

Recent news

  • Warden Machinery at the AI for Good Global Summit 2020

    The AI for Good initiative was launched in 2017 by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) with the intent to discover best available solutions for fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. The ITU alongside with 35 other UN agencies and X Prize awards the most beneficial projects. Consequences of human activity may make Earth uninhabitable […]

  • Warden Machinery joins OPPA

    Warden Machinery became one of the 5 selected participants of the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) — a social innovation ecosystem to address ocean plastic leakage within Indonesia. Plastic pollution is a global problem that requires a global solution. That is why we are eager to make our contribution. Our approach is to look at […]

  • Warden Machinery Is the Most Innovative Project at ASEAN Tech Awards

    First, we entered ASEAN Tech Awards, nest, we won. Warden Machinery solutions awarded as the most innovative project by Total.

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