Machine vision

  • It's reliable

    The system never gets tired and never has a smoke break, steadily noticing and classifying all the events that matter. Flexible notification system is able to prevent an accident and locate the weak spots of your business processes.

  • It's secure

    We can locate the computing server on your premises, so your data will always stay with you. We appreciate your trust and treat your secrets like our own.

  • It's flexible

    Each solution is tailored for the needs of the clients. Our systems work in Siberian energy producing plants and haul trucks in Sub-Saharan Africa. We can use your CCTV system or assisting in building one.

  • It's rewarding

    Preventing an accident is better than investigating it. A production flaw noticed on a conveyor belt is better than the one in a warranty repair center. Automation is better than becoming overmanned.

About us

About us

Warden Machinery is a Russian company for development and integration of machine vision based industrial solutions. We support professionals, who need to maintain their visual attention focused for a long time, such as dispatchers, fleet managers, security staff, including x-ray luggage security officers and many others. Instead of replacing a human in charge, we try to support his or her decision making, preventing a possible mistake. Our solutions were noticed both in national and global contests.

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